How Do Thoughts Travel?

thoughtful woman sitting alone outdoors

In the past fifty years, some Americans (Ted Serios) and Russians (Feodorov) have done experiments in the transmission of thoughts (telepathy). The law of thought is very useful in space exploration.

Thoughts travel far and wide in all directions. Actually, thoughts travel faster than light!

The law of thought works at an individual level. Everyone can benefit from it. Understand: there exists an inner connection between you and your dear one. Concentrate on the thought to be sent. If I send out a loving thought to an individual, it leaves my brain, goes directly to that individual, raises a similar thought in that individual, and returns to me. If both the sender and the receiver of the thoughts are in tune with each other, there will be clarity in receiving messages. For example, when we think of a noble being, a unique calmness is felt. This vibration of calmness and peace constantly comes out from the breath, look, touch, word, and thought of a noble being.

Actually, every thought produces a vibration in every cell of our body, and leaves an abiding impression there. Many electrical and chemical changes take place in our nerves and brain due to our thoughts. Thoughts of depression, failure, weakness, doubts, and fear are negative thoughts, which destroy the cells of our body and induce various diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, and stomach.

As soon as we get negative thoughts, we should imagine positive thoughts of strength, confidence, courage, and cheerfulness. The negative thoughts will give way to the positive thoughts. Positive always overcomes negative; this is the law of nature. Remember, our minds are seriously affected by the thought waves around us. To protect ourselves from bad thought waves, we must mentally dwell on positive thoughts and practice meditation on the innermost Spirit. “Just as the fragrance of a flower spreads out naturally, the bliss that you feel inside during meditation spreads out to others, thus building a noble world.” (Building a Noble World by Shiv R. Jhawar, p. 80)

Those who have positive thoughts will have calm, serene, and charming face, endowed with a sweet voice and lustrous eyes.

A human being sows a thought and reaps an action; sows an action and reaps a habit; sows a habit and reaps a character; sows a character and reaps a destiny. In this way, a person is a master of his/her destiny. To build a noble world, nobility must increase in a greater number of people, and this is possible only by reading a noble book, by being with a noble person, or thinking about a noble person.

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