Devatma Shakti (Kundalini) Divine Power

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About the Book

Religion, Theology Scholasticism, Mysticism, Science, Metaphysics and Philosophy have all Ied the van on the path of human progress through the sands of time. But man’s journey have been far from smooth. The whole race of humanity has suffered many a rude jolt Religion has been a dynamic incentive Religion means. “Love of God” leading to the search of the ultimate Truth. Religion be it Islam, Christianity of Hinduism, has been and still shall be a thing of strong appeal to mankind. It’s because each and every man is by instinct a spiritual being. Then again places of worship are infrequently used as sermon halls for preaching hatred and bloodshed. Men in their quest for truth are running after the shadow leaving the substance in the back of.

Every religion has a philosophy in the back of it. The path of a spirirual aspirant needs a clear thinking and inspired vision. As such the way to “self-realisation” consists in raising one’s egoistic consciousness centred on the physical plane to higherand finer planes of spiritual existence.

His Holiness Shree Swami Vishnu Tirtha gives a clear description in “Divine power” of how you can realise Atman-this means that self realisation. A religious aspirant can accelerate the attainment of such realisation by the grace of Guru (spiritual adopt) and self-effort.

This treatise as “Devatma Shakti”, i.e. Descent of Divine Power by kindling the “Kundalini” -(Divine energy concentrated in the solar plexus).

The book serves as a clear mirror for all those who aspire for spirituality.


I have glanced through the pages of this work which is composed of 14 chapters and deals with quite a lot of phases of the spiritual evol















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