How to Get Rid of Fear?

There are all sorts of fear: fear of death, fear of old age, fear of disease, fear of losing wealth, fear of losing position, fear of enemies, fear of opponents, fear of losing dear ones, fear of examination, fear of evil spirits, fear of public criticism. There are also unnatural fears, or phobias, such as snake-phobia, rat-phobia, height-phobia, claustrophobia, you name it! Phobias are endless.

Fear is caused by attachment to the body and to outside objects (fame, money, property, dear ones, etc.). Anxiety is the result of fear.

One of our greatest fears is the fear of death—we know this physical body will eventually cease to function. The best way to overcome this fear is to realize the essential indestructibility of your own inner Spirit. This realization will not only conquer fear but also confer bliss and peace. Once you experience your own inner Spirit, fear leaves you; there is no fear in the innermost Spirit. So take refuge in your Spirit within.

According to the law of conservation of energy, it is impossible for energy (Spirit) to be destroyed. Hence, there must be a rebirth. Just as we move from one house to another, so also the Spirit passes from one physical body to another. Commenting on rebirth, world-renowned Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, India said: “If we deny pre-existence and rebirth and take into consideration that life begins with this birth only and ends completely with the death of the body and there is nothing more, then it will be no compensation for the virtuous man who has done noble actions and for the wicked man who has done crimes. The chain of cause and effect, antecedent and consequence, will be broken abruptly. There will be terrible injustice everywhere.” (quoted in Building a Noble World, p. 15)

Logically, mathematically and scientifically, it is clear that energy (Spirit) is indestructible; the form may change but the substance never changes. The mind and the physical body, with its various senses, are merely the outer shell that houses the innermost Spirit.

Although everyone has this immortal inner Spirit, very few people tune into it. What gets in the way of experiencing the ever-present inner Spirit? Weaknesses/impurities of the mind: anger, greed, hatred, malice, lust, jealousy and pride. Once this “dust” in the form of various weaknesses is removed from the “mirror” of the inner Spirit, the mirror shines forth and the inner Spirit is experienced. This Spirit is birthless and deathless.  Beyond the mind lies the transcendental experience of the Spirit within. This Spirit is always free from fear. When there is nothing besides the Spirit, there is no reason to fear.

The Spirit is beyond thought. How to experience this inner Spirit, which always exists? Meditation is the most powerful method. Meditate on the Spirit within to completely overcome your fears. The basic cause of fear is lack of faith in one's own eternal Spirit.

To overcome your fear, you can contemplate this way. From where does your fear arise? It arises from your mind, which thinks using words, called thoughts. In fact, fear is only a thought. The thought, if negative, creates fear.  Right? If you change your fearful thoughts into fearless thoughts, won't you overcome your own fear? Wrong thoughts cause fear. Fear never does any good, does it? Thus, you can get rid of all fears.

Recitation of holy mantras produces spiritual vibration, which can cure all sorts of mental fears.

There is absolutely no need to be afraid of death. Rest fully assured you won't physically die until your time of physical death has actually arrived!

Let me end with Yogananda Paramahansa's words on death fear, "Most of the people living on earth today were not here a hundred years ago. Others were here before us. And we who are now walking the streets of the world will not be here a hundred years hence. It will be all over for us, and the new generation will not give us a thought. They will feel, as we do now, that this world belongs to them; but one by one they too will all be taken away. Death must be good, otherwise God would not have ordained that it happen to everyone. Why live in fear of it?"

Hope this helps. May you be free from fear!

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  1. Thank you for providing such insight. Most of the current research on anxiety and its related issues state that anxiety stems from fear as you have stated. After attending your program and receiving guidance from you during a question and answer session I have considerably felt more peace. The mantra you gave me to repeat during times of anxiety has proven effective in keeping my mind in a state of equanimity.

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