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  1. rudrappa agadi

    I fully agree with what Guruji has said and so also swami Shivanandaji. The subtle body is vapour like, made of light, lifetrons and very minute bio-plasmic thing and after death, according to its karmas in human life, it goes to the particular space in the Universe and will be there till its physical and astral karmas are completed, to get a new physical life. The attraction to physical body is more severe than the attraction to astral world and its root cause is unfulfilled ambitions/desires. On the theory of reincarnation, no saint has clearly said than Yoganandaji and I have scientifically studied this phenomena of reincarnation in the books written by dr. Ian stevenson of virginia university, US and dr. satwant pasricha of NIMHANS, Bangalore and many others. They all have produced lot of evidences in their books, gone to the place of persons of new incarnation, interviewed all that is said by him and their relatives. So, Yoganandaji’s book, words are more promising for the death-scary and materialistically greedy individuals. Only thing is that, one has to wait until that period of his incarnation. There will not be memory of past life in many many cases since it is the will of God and also the loss of physical brain which is buried at the time of death.//rudrappa m. agadi.//

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