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 In the chapter 4 of this uplifting book, author Shiv R. Jhawar writes, “Once you have an experience of transcendental reality, you are changed forever.”

One of the ironies of the 21st Century is that in spite of tremendous progress in science and technology, people still suffer from increasing levels of stress, mental illness, and addictions. What's the use of wealth if one's mind is not at peace to enjoy it?

Peace, happiness, or perfect love – that’s what everyone is seeking. Nobody can ever find it by seeking outside because it lies inside. Only when one stops seeking outside and dives within to reach a super-conscious state that lies beyond the deep sleep state, can one discover the everlasting bliss or love.  This discovery of true Self is the foundation of all religions. Not looking at true Self but looking at yourself through the eyes of others is the root cause of your suffering. The book, Building a Noble World, is your trustworthy guide for attaining everlasting happiness and getting rid of suffering.

In the chapter entitled, “Shaktipat: The Way to Spirituality,” Shiv R. Jhawar describes his spiritual awakening experience on September 16, 1974 as follows:

 “Suddenly, I felt a great impact of a rising force within me. The intensity of this rising kundalini force was so tremendous that my body lifted up a little and fell flat into the aisle; my eyeglasses flew off. As I lay there with my eyes closed, I could see a continuous fountain of dazzling white lights erupting within me. In brilliance, these lights were brighter than the sun but possessed no heat at all. I was experiencing the thought-free state of "I am," realizing that "I" have always been, and will continue to be, eternal. I was fully conscious and completely aware while I was experiencing the pure "I am," a state of supreme bliss.”

Drawing from some of the greatest prophets and philosophers throughout the annals of history, Jhawar conveys a very simple yet profound message: There will never be peace in the outer world until we first discover inner peace.

Bowker BookWire Review wrote, “It is a well-researched, easy to read book with sound concepts, as well as quotes from renowned world leaders and spiritual masters. Insightful, inspiring, and practical, Building a Noble World is a book that promotes world peace and adds value to life.”

 A customer's review on “It is extremely rare to find such a wealth of knowledge in one small book. The book, "Building a Noble World", is more like a "capsule"-- reading one small, easy to understand handbook instead of reading fifty complex books.”

Here are some quotes from this book:

"If God is not within, God is nowhere else." ― Building a Noble World, p. 97

"Indeed, meditation, not the power of technology, money, or weapons, is the way to save the world." ―Building a Noble World, p. 29

"The root of crime and war is in the human mind."― Building a Noble World, p. 24

This book is written by a man who is unknown to name and fame. But this man gives you all that Christ, Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Lao tse, Muhammad, Zoroaster, Moses and others gave for the spiritual progress. Whenever you find your mind in a disturbed state, at once read this book. It is enough to make your mind steady.  You will be glad you did this!

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